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Newell Neologism Proper Usage

Several posts back I did a story on the words that my family has created, some neologisms, some portmanteaus, but mostly certified Newell and Tyndall jibberish. So now that you're equipped with the new vocabulary of emotive means, you'll want to know what each one means and proper usage. In defining these words, a definition will be given followed by a sentence giving the proper context.

Plum plum bee`tle`um (n). 1. A word denoting satisfaction.
2. A form of word play.
Ex: "After a delicious meal, our host raised his glass and declared 'Plum plum beetleum!'"

Un`cle`eed`le`un`cle`eed`le`un`cle`eed`le (interjection) 1. An exclamation declaring triumph or victory.
Ex: "Momma was about to whup me so I ran under the bed out of reach and yelled 'uncleeedleuncleeedleuncleeedle!'"

Sminch`ies (interjection, n.) 1. A mild expletive.
2. A multi-purpose noun.
Ex: "Upon bumping my head on the ceiling I screamed 'SMINCHIES' and promptly had my mouth washed out with soap."

Na`ked`y`mans (adj) 1. word describing the state of one's undress.
Ex: "Hey! Don't come in here! I'm nakedymans!"

Knot`head (n) 1. a bald-headed baby of indeterminate age.
2. An irascible rascal; rabblerouser.
Ex1: "Boy, that little knothead doesn't look to be more than three months old!"
Ex2: "That knothead slipped me Canadian pennies instead of real change!"

Ping Pong Choo Choo (n) 1. A phrase that describes current emotions or predicaments.
Ex: "I'm losing my ping pong choo choo mind."

Dut`ta (n) 1. a dog; cur; mutt; puppy.
Ex: "That dutta has rage issues with me."

Ma`ffle (n) 1. a portmanteau of "mouthful," dropping the digraph "th" and the vowel u.
Ex: "I'm hungry. Let us get a maffle of victuals."

Ha`rry Po`tty (proper n.) 1. A neologism for Harry Potter, much to the delight of the Newell children.
Ex: "Has anyone seen that latest Harry Potty film? *snicker, snicker*"

Cuss, cuss (interjection) 1. An euphemism for expletives.
2. What MacBeth's head yelled shortly after decapitation by MacDuff. From William Shakespeare's play Macbeth.
Ex1: "After hitting my thumb with the hammer, I screamed 'CUSS, CUSS' as loud I could."
Ex2: Macduff: "Despair thy charm; and let the angel whom thou still hast served tell thee, Macduff was from his mother's womb untimely ripp'd."
Macbeth: "Cuss, cuss."

See also "H"

The Sha`dy Mac`Dou`gal (n., v.) 1. A phrase describing an unforeseen turn of events, usually disadvantageous. 2. A person who commits an act of treachery. 3. (idiomatic) A fast one.
Ex1: "Did you see that guy steal my parking space? He just did the Shady MacDougal!"
Ex2: "I think there's a Shady MacDougal behind this money market crash."
Ex3: "For this next case, Your Honor, the defendant is accused by the state of committing a felony Class A Shady MacDougal." "A Shady MacDougal?! I won't allow that sort of nonsense in my court room!"

Bor bors (n) 1. Female breasts, usually of a Dolly Parton size.
Ex: "How come you're walking hunched over, Heidi?" "Oh, you know what they say, Liesel. Big bor bors, bad back!"

The Bull`slide (n) 1. A misinterpretration, mishearing, and misunderstanding of a dance popularized during the late 1970's known as "The Hustle."
Ex1: "Do the Bullslide!...or not."
Ex2: "How come no one wants to do the Bullslide with me?"

The`a (n) 1. A thing or object. Often used in conjuction with "cuss, cuss."
Ex: "Hand me that thea, cuss cuss!"

The Gee`zer (n., v.) 1. A dance popularized by a family member of the Newell clan in the early 21st century, performed by stamping the tip toes on hard pavement while grinding the hips back and forth, usually at foxtrot tempo. 2. To remove oneself from sticky situations.
Ex1: "I was with my boys down at Player's the other night when Lawrence Welk came on and we all just had to do the Geezer together."
Ex2: "I shouldn't have said the beer at Lucy's was bad, especially with the owner standing next to me with his bouncers." "So what did you do?" "I geezered my way on down the street!" See also: "The Shady MacDougal"

Herm`it Cur`mudg`e`on (n.) 1. A grumpster. 2. A person destined to be a spinster or old fart, at an uncommonly young age.
Ex1: "I'm mad at the world today." "Don't be such a hermit curmudgeon."
Ex2: "How come all you want to do is knit sweaters and booties out of cat fur for everyone? You're not becoming a hermit curmudgeon, are you?"

Too`ty toes (n.) 1. Toes.
Ex: "Yeowtch! Quit stepping on my tooty toes, Johnson!"

H (interjection) 1. The first letter of Hell; used as an expletive.
Ex: "This country is going to H in a handbasket."
Ex2: "My car just ran out of gas! H!"

And there you have it. A full definition of all the words that my family has created (or destroyed).
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