Friday, September 26, 2008

Newell Neologisms

Someone commented to Lara that I was incredibly weird. I am, but to give you some idea of scope, my family's weirder. Here's a list of all the words they've made up:
"Plum plum beetleum"
"smurfyful Christmastime"
"dropped a bundle"
"jibber jabber"
"ping pong choo choo"
"suppertime chickies, boom boom boom"
"Harry Potty"
"Cuss, cuss"
"Oh, oh H!"
"Colder than a witch's mammary glands"
"the shady MacDougal"
"bor bors"
"Do the Bullslide"
"The geezer"
"Hermit Curmudgeon"
"tooty toes"

And that's all I can think of. I'm really debating whether I should provide the words in sentences for usage definitions or not.
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