Thursday, October 2, 2008


There were some SOB's (sketchy old bikes) in my grandparents' stables on Monday so I put myself up to the task of cleaning and tuning them up. My grandfather's bike is a '72 Schwinn cruiser style bike with a serious heft to it (it's a solid steel frame instead of steel tubing) and a serious coating of rust. I used a dremel with a steel brush to get most of the rust off and I put new tires on the bike, degreased the chain and rear derailleur, cleaned the chainrings and the cassette, and the rims. Now it just needs polishing and some more cleaning to actually get the final bit of rust off the handlebars and look decent. But it works! Ultimately, I'm going to pour something down the rear derailleur and try to blast air into it to knock all the caked grease off of the springs and levers, but so far so good. When I rode it, it felt really smooth, and the 2nd chainring is actually kind of large for a cruiser type bike. Hopefully I can educate myself on putting pictures up on google blog, and I'll definitely take before and after pictures of my grandmother's bike.
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