Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lung Ching nastiness

Last night I went to Target to get some dogfood and drinks.  I saw a large 10 liter tank of springwater while I was ther and figured, "What the heck? Tea's supposed to taste better with this stuff, and it's on sale for $2.5o. I'll get it."  
So I heated the kettle filled with spring water and using about a single layer of tea leaves on the bottom of the mug infuser, an English style of brewing tea, I steeped the lung ching from teavana for 2 minutes. BLEAH! It increased the flavor alright, but it made the grassiness of the tea enhanced, while the nutty taste portion of the tea was subdued in the background.  It reminded me too much of sencha, a Japanese tea, which is very vegetal, but sometimes has an oily, seaweed, or even fishy taste.  There's absolutely nothing wrong about these tastes, but drinking a piping hot mug of warm seaweed is even more effective than ipecac.
I really wish I hadn't bought so much tea from teavana.  My last resort for this tea is to brew it using a gongfu style. More on that later.
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