Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Teavana Keemun

I finally finished Teavana's Keemun. My overall impressions changed each time I drank it, swaying from grudgingly drinking it to sipping with aplomb. I guess my tastes change from week to week. When I first got it it had a distinct smoky taste, with an overall leathery tone to it. I still think the lady who sold me the tea used the tea scooper previously on lapsang souchong and got quite a bit of the dust in my keemun. Eventually the tea's taste changed as I dug further into the bag, but predominantly to a bland, woody, tannin cup character with wet leaves that smelled like a delicious keemun. The overall body was creamy and had a very heavy mouthful even though there wasn't a large amount of dust in the mix. But after finishing the last little bit of the tea and viewing the leaves at the bottom of my mug infuser, I'm beginning to wonder exactly what I paid for. It mostly seems like I got a bunch of stems with tea leaf bits on it and some tea dust. Bummer.
Overall my tasting notes for this were:
start: creamy
middle: orchid, flowery (but very subdued and altogether bland)
finish: slightly tannic, pine smoke.

And after all of this, no matter how many tea leaves I used, the taste never changed for the better. Major bummer.
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