Sunday, October 12, 2008

Keemun gongfu style

So I tried the keemun with a gongfu style type of brewing. I used about 5 grams of the tea, spring water, the trusty, dusty, musty ol' mug infuser, and a lot of patience for the kettle to warm up. I coaxed 4 infusions out of the fernal leaves with steepings of 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 seconds. Unfortunately, this tea is bland. I didn't detect any sort of keemun character to it, save for a slight floweriness and tannin character. Mostly it just had a heavy mouth feel as if I added cream to it. I wouldn't say the tea wasn't enjoyable, but it lacks flavor and depth and doesn't demand your attention, which was perfect because it allowed me to read the N&O without worrying if I was missing any flavor nuances. I'd like to have a small amount of this tea on hand for those times that I want tea in the morning instead of coffee, but the teavana price is really too much for the low quality of the tea.

And I also re-read the tea ceremony. It sounds absolutely ridiculous, "Put the used tea leaves in a clean bowl for your guests to appreciate the tea you have used. They will smell the tea leaves and compliment you on your choice of excellent tea," and relaxing at the same time.
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