Friday, March 27, 2009

Navy Denouement

I talked with my Officer Recruiter today and signed off on having my security background check initiated, and it looks like I just have to wait for my final medical clearance before I'm given the thumbs up to go to OCS in Rhode Island.  I also got a gouge on OCS with regards to the knowledge I'm required to learn there (Chain of Command, General Orders of a Sentry, etc) and what OCS will be like.
I also called the Petty Officer who was my enlisted recruiter and explained the news to him and that I wouldn't be enlisting.  He actually sounded pretty happy for me, which I was thankful for, wished me luck, and offered any help or advice I might want.  Gosh.
Looking back, maybe I made his life easier.  I mean, it's not like he had a dearth of recruits; I can totally imagine him and his shipmates at 4AM in the recruiting station working through a stack of paperwork, and commenting to one another, "Remember when we actually had to beg people to join the Navy? I miss the good old days."

Plus, I qualified for almost every rating which meant he would've had to explain what I'd be doing in each rating, and knowing how I ask questions, it would've been a very long job counselling session.

Anyway, this whole strange scenario turned out in a positive way, and I'm looking forward to the future.
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