Monday, March 9, 2009

Life would be better with a soundtrack

Life would be better with a soundtrack and I think I speak from experience when I say that. Seriously, walking around Chapel Hill, the sound doesn't fit the beautiful campus. I'll be walking to class, passing massive oaks and beautiful dormitories, thinking to myself, "Wow, the leaves are starting to change, deer season and cold mornings will eventually get here with Halloween, apples, and the state fair, and-" and that's when the construction starts and ruins the morning:
"JOHNSON YOU CLOWN! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" "Hey man, I'm only doing what you told me to do! Hey! Don't give me that!"
Girls will be talking on their cell phones: "Yeah, I was sooo wasted at the party last night! Yeah, I still have to contest my two DUI's"
People will start lighting up, their lighters clicking nonstop, and then they start hacking out their lungs, and coughing up nastiness: "A HOOCCCHHH! HOOOCCCH!"
Idiots blaring their froo-froo techno music and singing in falsetto to Cher: "If I could turn back tiiiiime"

So why not just cut all that out? If you're going to make your campus look beautiful, I say you should put a perfect soundtrack behind.
Or at least make it appear like a commercial with a "Chariots of Fire" theme:
I'm wearing a flannel shirt with a gray t shirt and jeans. Backpack is slung casually over my left shoulder, and I have a mug of fresh coffee in my left hand. I take a sip, smile and shake my head at disbelief of the great coffee. The 'cha cha cha' part of the theme song starts. I begin to walk to class. Big smile on my face. People are happy to see me, and we greet each other as we pass with high fives and chest bumps. I pass through the doors of the building, exuding confidence, the main motif of the theme starts. I sit down, get my test back with a 100 and "Best test answers EVER!' on it, and give a big, cheesy smile and laugh. I answer all the questions that the professor asks. Professors prompts me to stand up, and I clasp my hands and shake them above my head as everyone claps. I turn to the camera and wink and the UNC seal comes on screen and fades to black.
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