Monday, March 9, 2009

I Got a Fever!

I was sitting in Ramshead the other day listening to the song playing on the jukebox. I thought to myself, "By God, this song is wonderful. It must be the cowbell!" So now I'm trying to compile a list of all the cowbell greats. Let me know if I missed any:
Don't Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult
Hair of the Dog by Nazareth
The Down Town by Days of the New
Touch, Peel, and Stand by Days of the New
You're Unbelievable by EMF
Heat of the Moment by Asia
Baby You Can Drive My Car by The Beatles
In a Big Country by Big Country, although the cowbell's really hard to hear and makes its appearance during the chorus
We Didn't Start the Fire by Billy Joel, another subtle one between the first and second verse
You Give Love a Bad Name by Bon Jovi
Rock and Roll Hoochie Coo by Rick Derringer
Radar Love by Golden Earring
Owner of a Lonely Heart by Yes
School's Out by Alice Cooper, though I'm not entirely sure about this one
You Spin Me Right Round by Dead or Alive although it's buried underneath cheesy synth drum tracks
Rock of Ages by Def Leppard
Rainbow in the Dark by Ronnie James Dio does NOT have cowbell, but it SHOULD
Green Flower Street by Donald Fagen has a hint of a cowbell
New Frontier by Donald Fagen prominently features the cowbell
The Nightfly by Donald Fagen features the cowbell between the verse and chorus
The Reflex by Duran Duran, the intro to the song features a cowbell
Wild Wild West by The Escape Club
Oh Yeah! by Yello
Conga by Gloria Estefan, not that I've ever listened to the song or anything...Lara told me the song had cowbell in it
Welcome to the Jungle by Guns n' Roses, but it's slightly drowned out over drum tracks. And Axl Rose's caterwauling
Paradise City by Guns n' Roses
Mr. Brownstone by Guns n' Roses, before Axl got all weirded out and braided his hair
Can I Play with Madness by Iron Maiden, probably their only song I know of that has cowbell in it
Rock and Roll All Nite by KISS
Der Telefon Anruf by Kraftwerk features synth cowbell, as if you could expect anything less from them
Funkytown by Lipps, Inc
Working for the Weekend by Loverboy features the cowbell in the beginning of the song
Heartbreaker by Led Zeppelin, although it's really difficult for me to tell if it's a snare or a cowbell
Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin has cowbell hidden in the background
All Night Long by Lionel Richie, again, another song that Lara told me about
Electric Slide by Marcia Griffiths, again Lara told me that this song had cowbell
T.n.T (Terror 'n Tinseltown) by Motley Crue with an umlaut over the u, I swear I heard Tommy Lee hit the bell once
Dr. Feelgood by Motley Crue with an umlaut over the u
Girls, Girls, Girls by Motley Crue with an umlaut over the u
Easy Love by MSTRKRFT features a synth cowbell
Dead Man's Party by Oingo Boingo
Out of Control by Oingo Boingo
Wild Sex (In the Working Class) by Oingo Boingo
Same Man I Was Before by Oingo Boingo
Weird Science by Oingo Boingo
Dead Or Alive by Oingo Boingo, using a synth cowbell
Grey Matter by Oingo Boingo
Glory Be by Oingo Boingo, could feature a cowbell
On the Outside and You Really Got Me by Oingo Boingo does NOT feature the cowbell but it features the venerable vocoder (how cool is that?!)
Christmas with the Devil by Spinal Tap, umlaut over the n
Do It Again by Steely Dan
Rikki Don't Lose that Number by Steely Dan
Jungle Love by the Steve Miller Band
Apache by Sugar Hill Gang
Rapper's Delight by Sugar Hill Gang
She Blinded Me with Science by Thomas Dolby
Africa by Toto
Drop Dead Legs by Van Halen
Hold On by Wilson Phillips, at the intro. She has a nice voice, by the way
Once in a Lifetime by Talking Heads
Heavy Fuel by Dire Straits
Play that Funky Music White Boy by Wild Cherry
Lowrider by WAR
Do Ya by ELO
Evil Woman by ELO
Neon Knights by MSTRKRFT features a synth cowbell
Work on You by MSTRKRFT features some weird bell thing and vocoder
Hot Hot Hot by Buster Poindexter. Heh heh.
Groove is in the Heart by Deee Lite
And I think that's about it. Let me know if I missed any.
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