Friday, July 18, 2008

Writing Exercise

I'm attempting to strengthen my creative writing skills. The exercise is to think of a famous person, alive or dead, who has impacted you and to write about them for 10 minutes on how and why you admire this person.

So, I've just started the timer, and I can't think of anyone famous who has impacted me. Sure, I guess President Bush has impacted me, but I don't want to write anything about him or Congress. That would be painful to read. Painfully boring, that is. No, let's see. I could write about Hugh Laurie. Yeah, Hugh's got musical skills, writes funny skits, falls down pretty well, pulls odd faces. Impacted my life...dammit that's a tough one. If I was really going to go for who really impacted my life, I'd have to write about the guy who invented food. I don't know how much money that guy sunk into R&D and how many failures he had to invent before he finally created food. But doggonit he came up with a winner, and we've been using his invention ever since. Actually, now that I think about it, I'm not sure that was an actual person. What do I enjoy in every day life? Someone could've invented something that I enjoy everyday and I could write about them. Making a list would be a good step: I like coffee, I like tea, I like food. Mmm, the packaging wrap that comes in packages. Ooh, I also like it when I get a haircut and feel my hair and it feels really weird. Nah, I don't really think I like that. I like shaving. But I don't like the guy who invented the razor. Umm, I like getting hot and sweaty in the gym and grunting and straining as hard as I can. HAH! jk, jk. I actually don't really like getting hot and sweaty in the gym because then you start stinking and there's nothing worse than a sweaty guy who reeks of BO who uses every piece of equipment in the gym. I like electricity, there's a good one. Tesla invented electricity, I think. Maybe not. He did something with electricity, I know that much. So, here's to you Tesla! Lemme think. I haven't researched his life at all. I'm going to have to make random shit up about him. Awesome. Tesla was born to a mother and a father, but unlike a normal mother and father, his mother had spasms that caused her to flail her arms about, and the father expended all his energy in growing an awesome 'stache. Tesla got his first taste of electricity when he clamped his teeth on a metal pipe that had static charges built up on it, which discharged onto his lips.

And I'm out of time. So hoping you learned a little something about Tesla, Newell out!
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