Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Aside from tea, I get my caffeine flavor fix from coffee. But I got tired of paying $5-7 per pound for coffee that tastes bitter and burnt. So, I do the next best thing to hiring a mustached Colombian guy with a mule and a poncho to grow coffee in my yard. I buy green coffee beans direct from Sweet Maria's. I got the 4 pack 1/2 pound sampler and Ethiopian Dry Process Koratie. And a coffee called Sulawesi Goo Goo muck from Indonesia.
Last night I finished roasting the last of the Costa Rican Peaberry Cacao. I haven't had real coffee in a long time, so I'm not able to tell all of the nuances in a cup, but it tastes like caramel, toffee, and has a citrus note to it. Oddly, I remember the beans being more round, almost like peas, as opposed to a classical bean shape which makes me wonder if the beans at the bottom of the bag are lower quality. I don't remember what the Mexican coffee I had was like, only that it didn't taste bad, and that I wasn't roasting the beans properly. Hopefully the sampler and the coffee from Africa and Indonesia will introduce me to a wider spectrum of flavors that will make me second guess that coffee is in my mug.
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