Saturday, July 19, 2008

My Bicycle

I got my bike for my 15th birthday (or maybe it was my 16th). A purple and silver Trek 800 Sport with shimano brakes, a heavy-ass frame, Kenda wheels, and a screwy shifter system. I rode it a few times, but I never had much of an opportunity to go places in Goldsboro, unless I had some insatiable wish to kiss asphalt courtesy of a swerving car. Besides, I can picture myself just telling my mom, "Bye mom! I'm going off bike-riding to the library!" "WHAT?! Don't do that, TREY! You'll get yourself KILLED!" And she wonders why I moped so much before I could drive. But I took my bike up to Chapel Hill-Carrboro because it's smaller and bike friendly. Except for those 4 or 5 people who were tragically creamed by buses in the crosswalk. Anyway, my bike developed a slight problem with the grip shifters, front derailleur, front tire, rear tire, front brake calipers, pads, and possibly the cables. But nothing major. I took it to a place and got the front derailleur fixed along with the brakes that had managed to lock up on the rims and refused to move. The repairman also pointed out that the quick release on my front tire was in the open position. Yikes. "If you went over a bump, you wouldn't be needing a bike adjustment, you'd be needing a dental adjustment." Good point, guy. So got all that fixed and some air in my tires, I hope to ride around town today and see what the bike's like.
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