Thursday, July 3, 2008

Job Searches

Today I went to the ARC of Orange County for a job interview. It went well, I think, but it's a part time job with hours up in the air since most of the clients are in school in the fall, or at camp during the summer. On top of that, I have no idea who my client is, or what personality they might have. But the interview went swell. My voice only cracked twice!
After the interview I immediately went and took a drug test (I'm sure I'll pop a positive for oxalic acid and paraxanthine from all the tea I drink...on second thought, I'm not sure they would test for that, since it's not mind-affecting or illegal) and dropped off an application for Tarheel Temps. The guy at the desk took my application and did his damnedest to straighten out the folds I'd put into it when I tried mailing it to them (they want you in person to hand in the application). After this, he told me,
"Things are a little slow right now. Part of that's because with the students come the need for jobs, and the other part is that the job market is...well..."
"Really awful?"
"Less than ideal-well, yes, really awful is a way of putting it."
When filling out the other forms the guy handed me, I was tempted to put "Trey D. Newell. The D is for Danger," as an answer for the question, "Do you go by any other names?"
I resisted the temptation. Danger might be my middle name, but had I put that in, I would have a totally new audience to test my humor on: the unemployment line.
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