Sunday, June 22, 2008

Making Learning fun with Shake-a-dake-a-dizzle!

My main concern is that kids these days aren't learning enough. Perhaps it's because we live in an age where everything happens at a rapid pace, 500+ television channels are at our disposal, and the internet allows us instant entertainment. So what kind of kid would actually want to read a play, like a Shakespeare play in today's age?
Well, I came up with the solution. Shakespeare might be boring in the weird language they spoke in his day called "English," but just look at the popularity of rappers nowadays. Wouldn't Shakespeare be more fun to read if it was written the way rappers speak?

"Homies, G-dogs, Eastsiders, hear me before I bust a cap! I gots ta tell the dirt on this knucklehead C-man. He did me wrong, word, and he ain’t going ta quit. His ability to put things aight died with him. Ain’t it the truth? You know what I’m sayin’? ‘Cause my main dog Brutus Bling-Bling keeps it real. Shit, all his crew be keepin’ it real. C-man did not keep it real and look at where he’s at now, yo. Yeah, I ain’t going to lie; C-man was my main homie g slice, but Bling-Bling said C-man was acting up and Bling-Bling keeps it real. He brought ice and style and rims to our hood, is that so wrong? When the poor homies was down and out, C-man was right there with them. Maaaan, Bling-Bling is trippin’. C-man kept it real. But Bling-Bling says C-man didn’t keep it real and Bling-Bling keeps it real. Y’all did see that on the upper 20’s when I tried to give my crunk cup to C-man three times but he turned it down. Was this keepin’ it real? Yet Bling-Bling says he didn’t keep it real, and sure Bling-Bling keeps it real. I ain’t gonna lay the smack down on Bling-Bling, I’m just here to tell you homies what really went down. All of y’all hung with him ‘cause he was phat. So why are y’all cool with his death? Y’all homies are crazy AND trippin’. Listen to me for just a sec, fools, cause I feel for C-man in the box, and I’ll be waiting right here until I can put my game face on."

-William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar aka Li'l Willie Hotfoot Shazzledizzle, J-unit "I kept it real" C-man
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