Monday, December 1, 2008

Pyramid Schemes or Vector Marketing

Great. In my quest to find temporary employment until the Navy godwilling comes through, I came across Vector Marketing. And my alarm bells went off ringing that it was a pyramid scam. Which it honest to god is. Let me explain.
Apparently sales(wo)men have to buy a set of expensive knives to display, and attend mandatory seminars and workshops for which they are not paid. That sounds like a ripoff, and it is, but it's not officially a pyramid scheme until you have to recruit more people to work for the company. As it turns out, there's a small bonus you can receive for recruiting friends to work for the company. All of this sounds very sketchy, but if I were to work for them, and I recouped my losses on the knives and gas and food, and turn a profit, there wouldn't be a problem right? Except there have been a large number of complaints lodged against them through the BBB and people seem to actually lose money working for them. To me, it seems like the company would make a considerable amount of money requiring people to buy the knife set, and then wait for another sucker to come along and get hired. I still don't fully understand why most of the on-line job finders are riddled with these companies or the ones claiming you can make millions from your home. There may not be a sucker born every minute, but a scam sure is.
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