Friday, November 28, 2008


I avoided the woman who happened to give birth to me like the plague at this year's Tyndall Clan Thanksgiving reunion, and I spent most of my time yukking it up with my uncle, sisters, and other relatives.
  1. Several highlights: eating 3 pounds of food, inducing a coma to which I succumbed at 3 in the afternoon.
  2. Me having to recount what a Naval Flight Officer or Radar Intercept Officer is, why I want to join the Navy, my test scores for the ASTB, how I haven't been able to effectively contact my selection officer because his voicemail stays full, what my parents think of me joining the military ("You'll get yourself killed in Iraq!" "Why can't you go back to school and become an orthopedic surgeon?!")
  3. Playing with my uncle's DSLR Canon and talking about how point-and-shoot cameras suck.
  4. Seeing my little sister in her power walking outfit from an obesity awareness 5K race.
  5. Playing Hide and Go Seek with my little cousins.
  6. As my other sister's boyfriend was leaving, yelling out "So long, eldood!"
  7. Seeing a picture of my grandfather wearing a hat geezer style.
  8. The great disappointment when I saw my great aunt 8 times removed had her hair cut. It previously was a 'do that looked like Little Richard's locks and I always looked forward to seeing her. And the hair.
  9. Major bummer when my mom didn't say one of her airheaded comments. i.e., "I believe bluebirds truly are the bluest blue in nature!" with misty eyes, or "There was nothing wrong with Ho Chi Minh" apart from him killing a bunch of people through a war, or my personal favorite "The ambi-ahnce of this room is ruined! Fung shue!"
  10. The lack of Neese's liver pudding. Dammit, if there's one thing in America that we all should fight, breathe, and die for it's gotta be this. But no liver pudding makes for a miserable Thanksgiving with the Tyndalls and Hills. Sheesh!
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