Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sultriest Songs of the 90's

I'm on a 90's kick. Can you tell?

Sultriest songs of the 90's that are guaranteed to make you feel dirty:

  1. Warrant "Cherry Pie"
  2. Divinyls "I Touch Myself"
  3. Garbage "#1 Crush"
  4. Garbage "I Think I'm Paranoid"
  5. Nine Inch Nails "Closer"
  6. Merril Bainbridge "Mouth"
  7. Billy Idol "Cradle of Love"
  8. Bush "Little Things"
  9. Dave Matthews Band "Crash"
  10. Stone Temple Pilots "Sex Type Thing"
  11. Harvey Danger "Flagpole Sitta"
  12. Busta Rhymes "What's it Gonna Be?!"
  13. Cathy Dennis "Touch Me (All Night Long)"
  14. Third Eye Blind "Semi-Charmed Kind of Life"
  15. Jewel "Who Will Save Your Soul?"
  16. Savage Garden "I Want You"
  17. Sugar Ray "Every Morning"
  18. Lou Bega (featuring Perez Prado) "Mambo #5"
  19. Alannah Myles "Black Velvet"
  20. Sir Mix-A-Lot "Baby Got Back"
  21. Alanis Morisette "You Oughta Know"
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