Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Worst Books Never Written

Sometimes ideas for books go off like a rocket.  Other times they run off like a stray dog.  And then there are those ideas that explode like a hand grenade.  This is a list of the worst books never written.

"Natural Childbirth: Out Will Come Baby, Placenta and All"

"The Mysterious Case of Gray Fox and the Exploding Ta Tas"

"Home Butchering 101 with introduction by Dwight K. Schrute"

"A Modest Man" by Steve Jobs

"Horton Hears a Gunshot"

"How to Make Millions while Scrubbing Toilets"

"Irritable Bowel Syndrome Be Not Proud"

"Guns, Guitars, and Gonorrhea: A Rocker's Life"

"Passive Resistance" by Ted Kaczynski

"Thriller! Michael Jackson's Guide to Lovemaking feat. Lisa Marie Presley"

"30 Years Below the Belt: Musings of a Smalltown Urologist"

"Billy Mays' Lessons to Singing the Blues"

"Layman's Terms to Genius Translation Dictionary"

"National Mycophile Order's Field Guide to Slime-Molds"

"Jane Austin-Now in L33t Speak!"

"Khaki: All About that Ubiquitous Tan Color"

"Famous First Words of Celebrities and Politicians"

"Napoleon Bonaparte: Distinguished Crepe Lover"

"America's Famous Toxicologists"

"Robin Leach's Guide to Speaking Welsh"

"Spandex Tights and Neon Lights-The Gripping Story of Right Said Fred"

"An Introduction to Self-Medication" by Jack Kevorkian

"A Children's Guide to Chewing Tobacco Production"

"Grey's Anatomy Coloring Book for Kids-Now Including Pathology Slides"

"Richard Smelton: World Record Gum Wrapper Collector"
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