Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Daily Tar Heel has real competition

While online perusing the rag fondly known as the DTH, also fondly known for its half baked attempt at coherence and unbiasness, someone had the audacity to send links to a similar website titled the Daily Tar Hole.  Here they take the fatted calf branded "DTH" and tan its hide.  Do the people at the Daily Tar Hole attempt faux pleasantries at the people they dislike, or hide thinly veiled attacks that editors don't bother correcting? No! They tell the news like it should be reported!

For too long, I say, we Carolina alumni and students have had to put up with the DTH.  Do we need to be reminded like scolded children that it's our civic duty to register to vote so we can decide who will be elected on the town council of Chapel Hill (AKA The Parking Lot Mafia)? No! Do we need editorials complaining that students don't attend open Board of Trustees meetings, when the directions, time, and place aren't published in the said paper? No!  Do we need to have idiotic articles on bathroom graffiti, gay table meetings, or the importance of abolishing holidays so as no one is offended? I say no!

We need the truth to be published!  We need the blunt truth to be revealed to the light!  The Daily Tar Hole has this truth.  It has things that students would find interesting and somewhat informative.  In other words, it has the news.
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