Friday, August 8, 2008

Road Bike!

When I was dropping Lara off at her new home, I stared at the bike that was out on her back porch. 27 speed, and I wasn't about to touch it without anyone's permission. It looked like this
and it even with the lever type shifters on the down tube and straps on the pedals, instead of the more common shifting systems that are placed near the brakes on the handlebars and clip on pedals. I casually asked Katie, "How often does your roommate ride her bike?" "That's my bike! You can borrow it if you want to since Greenville isn't cyclist friendly. I bought it at some church sale for really cheap." Hallelujah! I proclaimed, here's a chance for me to try out a road bike. So I've planned a little outing for tomorrow morning to see what it's like. I'll update if I like the bike or not.
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