Sunday, August 3, 2008

Family Emergency

So what my grandfather went for was a routine procedure to remove what was assumed to be a clot or small blockage in his arteries. What the doctor discovered was severely calcified arteries with severe blockage. He was soon scheduled for bypass surgery and the entire family (Durk included) waited in Wakemed's waiting room for 7 hours, waiting for the cardiothoracic surgeon to relay updates to us during surgery. He did fine and is currently convalescing as I write. But when he was first put into the CTSU, the surgeon dropped by to check on him. He came by and talked to us on one of our visits: "He was disoriented, which is to be expected, but I mean he was reciting poetry!"
Us: "Oh, good! That's good! That's exactly the thing he'd do after coming out of serious surgery!"
Surgeon: "Oh...huh...well, I'm going to go grab some coffee"

I'm sure the last thing that he expected to see was relief flit across our faces when he told us that our father and grandfather was reciting abstract poetry in the surgery ward, but then again we don't possess average genes. God I love my family.
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