Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Bike

I did a 15 mile jaunt this morning on stiff and sore legs. Overall, I really liked it, but my main gripes are with the shifting system and the cages (but I knew I wasn't going to like them anyway). I was able to cruise comfortably at about 20MPH and the shifting with the rear derailleur was smooth. Not quite so much with the front derailleur. And the brakes had some cable stretch so they needed adjusting. The thing that really jumped out at me wasn't that it was light and fast, but the tires were completely different from the mountain bike I've been riding around. The only thing I wasn't crazy about was the pedals. You have to reach down to fasten the straps on the pedals in order to get more power throughout the stroke. But if you ride through the city and you have to stop quickly, you'll lose balance and fall over. I demonstrated this by falling on top of my car on the way back. Maybe when I get a job, I can save up enough money to buy a road bike. Someday...
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