Monday, January 19, 2009

Laptop Troubles

My laptop troubles started when I first received my laptop from UNC.  I first noticed that it was running slowly within 2 weeks of having it so I ran the craptastic anti-virus software that came with it.  
"Hmm, looks like you have some viruses," the IT guy said.  
"What?! How is that possible? All I did was download a bunch of music and TV shows from some Phillipean host!"

So I got that fixed. Then my hard drive crashed after 3 months of use. Then my screen burned out my sophomore year. And the problems piled up. I've been through 2 hard drives, 2 laptop screens, 1 fan, and 1 OS re-install because I deleted a good portion of junk that UNC puts on its hard drives (which they reinstalled when they put Windows back on the laptop) which caused some vague system error.  And now my fan's died and the stupid thing refuses to turn on.
I'd love to get it replaced, but the last time I tried to get it fixed in my hometown, the repair store took two weeks to completely determine that they could not install a fan on my laptop. Something about not being certified parts dealers for IBM or some other odd reason, though they're qualified to repair IBM's.

What in the HELL gives?

I have a dream that someday in the future computers will be disposable (and indispensable), so that when yours royally f's up your term paper or project, you can just pull out the tiny hard drive containing your data, get a hammer, and smash the stupid computer to bits, plop down $10 and get another computer that functions properly, and resume working.

But for right now I'll settle for the hammer.
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