Friday, January 2, 2015

It's So Nice When it Happens Good

I've had a handful of woodworking projects that have been lingering over the past 4 months longing to be completed.  A dropleaf table in maple, a mallet in need of a new head, and a sofa table in cherry.  Since vacation, over a period of 5 days I've been able to fit and install the hinges for the drop leaf table (still waiting to get finished projects out of the shop before working on the leaf supports), cut all the joinery for the sofa table and massaged all the tenon cheeks to fit snugly into their mortises, glued up the sofa table, chopped the sloping mortise for a new mallet head in a block of 3 inch thick red oak and fitted the handle firmly in it, and completed a small table for my niece within a total 5 hour time span.
The only thing left to do for most of the projects are to finish them with shellac, which I'll do on a warm day, but considering how smoothly most of the projects came together, I don't anticipate any hiccups during it. It's so nice when it happens good.
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