Sunday, September 4, 2011

Book boxes part II

Time to make another set of book boxes! I decided to use my carcase saw for cutting the dovetails, and it's not agonizingly slow like it was with the gent-sized backsaw. Retensioning and straightening my Disston D-7's sawplate worked wonders; with it I can get crosscuts that deviate only a couple of 64ths of an inch. Not too shabby. That meant less time trying to edge joint the boards using a block plane in the burning hot sun. Right now I've got the side tail boards cut and will cut the top and bottom boards' pins and pare most of the waste away. As far as cutting dovetails go, I'm getting used to the aggressive cut of the carcase saw and am trying to teach myself to use as little pressure as possible when cutting, but I'm getting better at laying at dovetails which is speeding things up considerably. One thing I definitely need is a vise or some sort of jig to hold boards so that I can joint them lengthwise.
On another unrelated note, my Ti Kuan Yin oolong is almost gone. I'll definitely be getting more of this. It reminds me of lungching tea, but more robust with slightly flowery notes in the background whereas the lungching I've had tasted like nutty grass.
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