Monday, July 11, 2011

Small table continued

Well in my last update I had my table essentially built with the exception of the top. That hasn't quite changed, but when I was helping my dad move wood from his old house I saw off cuts of what looked like hard yellow pine which he gave to me. So much for me guessing what I should do for the tabletop.
My first step was to rip it down from its 2" thickness to 1". After 30 minutes and getting 4 inches cut, I stopped (mostly because my heart was about to pop at my heroic attempts at sawing) to reevaluate. "Y'know, maybe the 8 inch width is just too darn wide for ripping." And indeed it was.
So I ripped it width wise in half to continue onward. But it still took an eternity to saw the durn pine to size. Right now I've got all the pieces cut and I just need to plane them to thickness and nail them to to table rails and I'll have a sturdy little coffee table that's ugly beyond belief.
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