Sunday, February 20, 2011


Things have started to settle down now at work ever since we passed FCT's. This means I've had time to work on my qualifications, study, PT, and work on my carvings while still having enough time left over for tea and reading. There's something about drinking tea at night that helps to clear my head and stimulate the thinking portion of my brain that's often underutilized (and sometimes not required) at work. Unfortunately this has backfired on several occassions where I've spent half the night working on some idea for a carving, or sketching, only to glance at my watch and realize that I have to get up in 6 hours for work.

For right now I'm patiently waiting for warmer weather so that I can start riding my bike again. I'm almost finished with my frog and lilypad carving, I'm in the middle of carving a dolphin, and I've just started carving a dragon. It's a little bit comforting to see that I'm improving in carving and everything that goes with it (sharpening, stropping, setting up a bevel, laying out a thorough design in full). Once I complete the dragon, I'll probably do several more versions of it just to try and improve upon it. Although the first one is still crude, I'll probably leave it with the tool marks on it. Hopefully I'll put up pictures of these carvings in the next few days if I can ever figure out how to work all this blasted technology.
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