Saturday, December 26, 2009

New Apartment

I got a new apartment in the Norfolk area since living on the ship is cramped and freezing. I stopped by one day with a friend who also lived there, and signed the lease papers the same day. The only thing that concerned my parents was my lack of furniture. "Oh, I'll be alright mother and father," I said. And indeed, I was. I camped out there in my sleeping bag and pillow and had the best night of sleep since several months. The only problem was getting my stupid power turned on. I had it scheduled for the end of the month, and the date came and went. My power was on, and I figured everything was gravy. That is until I got back late one night from work, tried to turn the lights on, and then attempted to flip the breakers on and off only to discover that the realtor had paid the power company through the end of the month, and that my power never got turned on. After several phone calls, lots of emails, sending in a copy of the lease, and finally filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, my power got turned on. 3 weeks late.
Their main justification for not turning the power on? "We were having billing problems with the previous tenant." That's just peachy keen. My lease that I faxed in proved that I was not the previous tenant and I have no trouble paying my bills on time. Right now I'm kind of tempted to send in a voided check with the billed amount on it to the power company with "Trouble billing with previous power company" written in the Notes section. But I think that'd give them more justification to turn my power off again for a few months this time.
On another note, I'm wondering about my pu'er tea in the really dry environment. The relative humidity in my apartment is about 25-30% which makes me wonder if my tea is going to dry out completely. I think I'm going to have to store it in a chest or a humidor or something for the time being. As for my violin, it might have to stay at home for the time being since I don't feel comfortable taking it to such a dry environment.
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